The company is specialized in the field of polymers and specialty chemicals. Owned and operated by industrial chemists with over 20 years of research and manufacturing experiences, we are maintaining and gaining a leading position in products of coatings and adhesives, plastics and elastomers in China.
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Under the spirit of persistent innovation, we keep up to cutting-edge technology and global development. Recently, our new products in 3D printing, medical appliances, etc. have been gaining attention in the markets.

The company has established a R&D center and manufacturing facilities in Qingdao. With the foundation of high-tech research focus and years of experiences in manufacturing, We provides products with outstanding quality, as well as reliable customer service. The company has “state- of-arts” laboratory instruments for new product development, which ensures lasting innovation capability.

By committing to our value- Integrity, Rationalization, Innovation, we create benefits to the world we live and provides solutions to the major global challenges.
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